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Pride, Prejudice, and My New Blog December 14, 2010

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I thought I’d devote this first post to the title of my new blog. Those who know me well might guess correctly that I have lovingly borrowed the words of the incomparable Jane Austen as she wrote them in Pride and Prejudice, my favorite novel of all time.  Mr. Darcy’s snarky retort to Miss Bingley (“A lady’s imagination is very rapid.”) is directed toward the seemingly indistinguishable nature of esteem and love in a woman’s mind when the former is bestowed by a man. While I admit I have absolutely suffered from this delusion as a young woman myself (thank you to all my friends who listened to me drone on and on about “Is this a sign?”; “Do you think he meant…”; “It seems like he feels the same, right?”), this is not the idea I wish to build my blog around. Instead, I am drawn to the essential truth of the statement in a more general sense as it seems to capture the impression I have of myself at this point in my life.

My imagination is, indeed, very rapid. I think that’s why I am so drawn to Jane – as do all of the greats, she has her pen on the pulse of the thoughts that ring true generation after generation.  I am no Jane Austen. I am not going to write insightful, moving, universal truth type novels here. What I share will be simply the ruminations of my very rapid imagination – I hope you can keep up!